Foreign Applicants


Name of College Major Application Method
College of Sport Science
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Sport Coaching
Extra admission quota application
within the school's acceptable capacity
College of Health and Human Development
  • Department of Community Sport
  • Department of Youth Guidance and Sport Education
  • Department of Adapted Physical Education 
  • Department of Sport Industry
  • Department of Exercise Training for Health Care and Management 
  • Department of Sport and Healthy Aging
College of Sport Culture and Arts
  • Department of Taekwondo
  • Department of Performing Arts

Applicant Qualifications & Academic Requirements

Applicant Qualifications & Academic Requirements
Classification Applicant qualifications Requirements Remarks
Students Guardian
Foreign students whose parents are both foreign nationals foreign students whose parents are also foreigners and who completed all the required secondary education courses, including elementary and middle school in or out of Korea Foreign citizenship Foreign citizenship Korean Proficiency Test,
Level III or higher
Foreigners who have completed the required secondary education courses, equivalent to Korea's elementary and middle school courses, overseas. -

Screening Process

Screening Process
Type Points & Percentage by Screening Elements Minimum Requirement
Application Review Interview Total
Foreigner Pass/Fail 100 points (100%) 100 points (100%) Applicants whose interview score is less than 60 points
will not be admitted

Application (Including Application Documents)

Application (Including Application Documents)
Classification Required documents Remarks
Foreign Students whose Parents are
Both Foreign Nationals
  • 1 copy of application form
  • 1 copy of (scheduled) high school graduation certificate
    (certified by the embassy or consulate)
  • 1 copy of academic records from elementary, middle school, and high school
    (certified by the embassy or consulate)
  • 1 copy of immigration certification
  • 1letter of self-introduction and study plan
  • 1 copy of certificate of foreign citizenship
    (copies of citizenship or passport of student and parents)
  • 1 copy of certificate of family relationship issued by the foreign government agency
  • 1 copy of financial statement
  • Affidavit of support
    (Sponsor: While the sponsor is in principle either the applicant's "father" or "mother,", it is possible to include Korean)
  • Active bank account holding over 10,000 USDfor the financial sponsor or remittance certificate or exchange statement of over 10,000 USD
  • Proof of employment or business registration certificatefor the financial sponsor
  • 1 copy of Korean Proficiency Test
    (Level III or higher) certificate
  • 1 copy of foreigner registration issued by the Korean government
    (due by the matriculation day)

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Note to Applicants