Academic Program

Graduate Program

Master Program

Program Outline

Students gain in-depth knowledge through extensive theoretical and practical study, as well as gain relevant professional research skills. Students then become ready to use the knowledge and research methodologies they have learned to help build the sport industry.

Educational Goals

By developing students' theoretical understanding and practical abilities,the program cultivates competent sport professionals who can improve the performance of athletes with scientifically advanced sport technologies, as well as improve the health and quality of life for the general public by promoting leisure sport.

Sport Coaching (Graduate Program)

Vision and Objectives


This program develops students into world-class sport coaches who can strengthen Korea's international competitiveness in sport and who can help the nation tap the global market to enhance its prestige through sport.

1Educate world-class global sports Instructors, 2Strengthen Korea's Internatlonal sports competltlveness. Help Korean Instructors tap the global market, 3Enhance the natlon's prestlge through sports.


World-leading sports coaches : 1perfotmance. Level Vased Language Program, 2Knowledge. Dual teaching system, 3proposition. Internship program, Focus on self-confidence


Educational Objectives

Our program develops students into world-class sport coaches with practical coaching skills and expertise in sports science.

Class Type(Both traditional and online Classes) Practical Classes on weekends and during vacations. Two year program,

Basic Academic Plan