Academic Program

Community Sport

Department of Physical education : We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports

Department Slogan

“From the very start, we work to be the best.”

Department Introduction

Modern society is suffering from various illnesses and decreasing physical strength as people engage less and less in physical activities. This trend has resulted in an increasing need for community sport, as well as community sport instructors. This department aims to cultivate professionals in the field of community sport through an academic system based on in-depth and scientific research.

Careers after Graduation

Graduates will be qualified to work as community sport instructors, exercise specialists, sport managers, sport marketers, sport administrators in various community sport related organizations.


Certificate Level II/III for Community Sports Instructor, Sport Manager Certification, Certificate Level II for Sport Competition Instructor, etc.

Key Subjects

Students will learn theories applications in subjects such as Physical Education for Children, Sport Facility Management, Sport Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Community Sport Programs, Community Sport Theories, Sport Sociology, Sport Industry, Sport Marketing, and Sport Management. Students will also learn sports such as badminton, gymnastics, track & field, bowling, tennis, golf, etc.

Department History

Department Activities

Club Activity

F.C Licht: Soccer Circle founded in 2002

Other Strengths of the Department