Academic Program

Sport and Healthy Aging

Department of Dance Performing Arts : Life and sport become art through the power of dance!

Department Slogan

"Getting younger and younger, time flows backward for the Department of Sport and Healthy Aging."

Department Introduction

Department of Sport and Healthy Aging was established in 2006 as the first of its kind in Korea. It offers general sport classes like yoga and dance sport, specialized academic courses like elderly illness treatment, and various hands-on learning opportunities like first-aid and sport massage. As society ages, there is increasing demand for illness prevention and physical strength enhancement for the healthcare and wholesome aging of the elderly. Our goal is to cultivate professionals who are responsible for the physical education and well-being of the elderly.

Careers after Graduation

Graduates will be qualified to work at senior service (care) facilities and hospitals, elderly well-being-related research institutes (educational institutes), communities for the elderly, social welfare facilities (welfare agencies), etc.


Social Worker certification Level 2, Yoga certification, Pilates certification, First-aid Agent certification, Sport Massage certification Level 1, Sport for All Instructor certification, etc.

Key Subjects

Sports Psychology, Principles of Physical Education, History of Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, Physical Fitness Test, Sport Education, Sport Sociology, Biomechanical Exercise, Physical Education for the Elderly, Introduction to Social Welfare, Health Education for the elderly, Social Welfare Policy, Physical Fitness Management for the Elderly, Theory of Exercise Instruction for the Elderly, Sport Policy for the Elderly, Swimming, Yoga, etc., as well as compulsory subjects for the Social Worker certification Level 2.

Department Activities

Department History