About KNSU


  • 2007~2017
    • Mar. 1, 2009Closed evening program and opened day program for College of Sport Health and Welfare under Ministry of Education and Science Technology(MEST) College Policy-3446 (Aug. 13, '08)
    • Mar. 1, 2009Established Center for Teaching and Learning for professors
    • Mar. 13, 2009PhD Kim Jong-wook took office as the fifth university president
    • Dec. 1, 2009Changed the name of student career counseling center into career development center under University Policy No. 511 (Dec. 1, ‘09)
    • Jan. 1, 2011Restructured educational organizations (Colleges and Departments) under University Policy No. 540 (Sept. 13, '11)
      Established College of Sport Science (Dept. Of Physical Education) and College of Community Sports (General departments)
      Changed College of Community Sport (Community Sport, and Youth Guidance & Sport Education) to Department of Community Sport, and Department of Youth Guidance and Sport Education; College of Sport Health and Welfare (Leisure Sport, Sport Health Management. and Sport & Healthy Aging) to Department of Leisure Sport, Department of Exercise Training for Health Care and Management, and Department of Sport and Healthy Aging 
    • Mar. 1, 2012Restructured administrative organization (Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Planning &Evaluation, Office of Training, and Office of General Affairs)
    • Aug. 1, 2012Raised the capacity for Graduate School of Global Sport Leader Major to 20, under MOE Graduate School Policy-3591 (Aug. 8, '12)
    • Mar. 4, 2013Established ancillary facilities medical institution (Sports Clinic), under University Policy No. 619 (Feb. 25, '13)
    • Feb. 5, 2015Mr. Kim Seong-Jo took office as the sixth university president
    • Apr. 1, 2015Established External Affairs Office under University Policy No. 619 (Apr. 1, '15)
    • Sept. 5, 2016Established University offices (Office of Academic Affairs, Planning, Training, General Affairs, and Facilities)
    • Mar. 22, 2017Renamed Leisure Sport Major to Leisure Sport Industry Major, under University Statute No. 738 (Mar. 22, '17)
    • Aug. 31, 2017Established ancillary facilities Office of Disability Services under Renamed Leisure Sport Major to Leisure Sport Industry Major, under University Statute No. 744 (Aug. 31, '17)

During the third 10 years, our success skyrockets onto the world stage!It's a decade of outstanding performances at international competitions such as the Olympics and Asian Games.