About KNSU


  • 1976~1977
    • Dec. 30, 1976Korean National College of Physical Education was established under the Presidential Decree (No. 8322) for establishing national schools.
    • Mar. 7, 1977PhD Liu Geun-Seok took office as the first college president.
    • Mar. 19, 1977Opened Dept. of Physical Education at 172 Gongleung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul.
  • 1980~1990
    • Sept. 15, 1980PhD Park Cheol-Bin took office as the second college president.
    • Mar. 1, 1982Established a graduate school (Dept. of Physical Education Graduate Program).
    • Mar. 1, 1983Established Dept. of Coaching
    • Sept. 27, 1984PhD Park Cheol-Bin took office as the third college president.
    • Aug. 30, 1985Moved campus from 223-19 Gongleung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul to the current location in Oryun-dong.
    • Mar. 1 1987Established a graduate School (Dept. of Physical Education PhD Program).

The first 10 years form the first steps toward the future! In our first decade, we begin training world-class athletes and instructors, and improving public health and quality of life.