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Adapted Physical Education

Department of Physical education : We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports

Department Slogan

“The mecca of Korea's adapted physical education in the 21st century!”

Department Introduction

The department was established in 1998, and it has conferred official Level II teacher's certificates for adapted schools to students who entered the department after 1999. It also obtained on Feb. 25, 2000 the approval of the Ministry of Education as a teacher profession course, and after September 2001, the department changed to an education department to allow students who entered the department after 2002 to receive a teacher's certificates.

Korea currently has 144 special schools with 3,278 classes and 22,963 students; The number of adapted physical education classes in ordinary schools is 5,753 with 35,340 students. Due to increasing welfare, the number of special schools and classes will grow even further. The students in these special schools (classes) tend to be significantly different from ordinary students, not only in mental, physical, emotional capacity but also in their behavior. When teaching them, it is effective to guide them after understanding their general characteristics and level of physical strength to provide programs that are individually tailored to them. In particular, physical education is an essential subject to handicapped students for achieving better sociality and self-assistance ability, and should thus be taught by instructors who specialized in adapted physical education. However, physical education classes in current special schools (classes) are taught by teachers who are not specifically trained in special physical education, meaning that most classes fail to meet the criteria for proper physical education teaching.

Therefore, the department aims to cultivate adapted education teachers and professional handicapped sport instructors who can provide quality physical education in these adapted schools (classes).

Careers after Graduation

Graduates earn regular Teacher Certification Level II in adapted education (physical education), qualifying them to be hired as teachers in special schools or classes, as staffs in the Korean Sport Association for the Disabled or in other organizations related to sports for the disabled, or as special physical education instructors in sport centers or community relief centers.


Regular Teacher Certification Level II in Special Education (Physical Education), Sport Instructor Certification for the Disabled, Sports for All Instructor Certification, Sport Game Instructor Certification, Referee Certification for Sports for the Disabled (boccia, lawn ball, goal ball, etc.) etc.

Key Subjects

Special Education, Physical Education Theory for the Visually Impaired, Physical Education Theory for the Hearing Impaired, Physical Education Theory for the Mentally Retarded, Physical Education Theory for the Physically Disabled, Physical Education Theory for the Emotionally and Behaviorally Impaired, Physical Education Theory for the Learning Disabled, Sports Theories for the Disabled, Physical Programs for the Disabled, Sports for the Disabled, Sports for the Mentally Disabled, and Sport for the Visually and Hearing Impaired, and other subjects required to obtain teacher certification.

Department Activities & Performance

Club Activity

Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair dance, Seating volleyball