Academic Program

Graduate School of Sport and Leisure Studies

Program Outline

The program provides in-depth understanding and knowledge of the theories and practices in the sport industry. Students will scientifically analyze the businesses and activities of various sports and leisure activities. Also, students gain various managerial skills, as well as a proper mindset required for successful sport management.

Educational Objectives

Students are developed into highly skilled sport managers and marketers, as well as community and leisure sport instructors who can work effectively in various types of sport and leisure businesses and organizations.


Courses on Sport Industry Management Theories

Courses on SportIndustry ManagementTheories
Courses on SportIndustry ManagementTheories
Curriculum Code Subject Credits
47005 Sport Accounting·Finance 2
47007 Sport Economics 2
47016 Human Resource Management in Sport 2
47018 Sport Facility Management 2
47043 Sport Marketing Seminar 2
47045 Sport Management Seminar 2
47047 SportPromotion 2

Courses on Sport Industry Management Practices

Courses onSportIndustry ManagementPractices
Courses onSportIndustry ManagementPractices
Curriculum Code Subject Credits
47002 Sport Communication 2
47006 Sport Consumer Behavior 2
47009 Sport Marketing Information System 2
47031 Sport Event Planning 2
47044 Sport Industry Seminar 2
47046 Consulting in Sport Marketing 2
47048 Sport Marketing Research 2
47049 Sport Law 2
47050 Case Studies in Olympic Marketing 2
47051 Sport Public Relations 2
47053 Sport Service Marketing Seminar 2
47054 Budgeting in Sport Organizations 2
47056 Sport Fundraising 2
47058 Sport Organizational Behavior 2

Courses on Thesis

Courses on Thesis
Courses on Thesis
Curriculum Code Subject Credits
47041 Research Methods in Sport Marketing 2
47042 Statistics in Sport Marketing 2