Academic Program


Department of Dance Performing Arts : Life and sport become art through the power of dance!

Department Slogan

"Youth, spirit, and passion! KNSU's Taekwondo Dept.! Look to the world to realize your dreams!"

Department Introduction

The Taekwondo department cultivates high-level martial arts masters and quality Taekwondo specialists based on a systematically researched and developed academic program. The department also cultivates talented individuals who will play a key role in the academic growth of Taekwondo by developing and promoting new practical functions of Taekwondo to spread all over the world.

Careers after Graduation

After achieving a belt test level of VI or more, students become qualified as masters, referees, instructors, bodyguards, safety staff, physical education instructor, Taekwondo organization administrator, Taekwondo event marketer, etc.


Taekwondo belt certification, Taekwondo master certification, Sports for all instructor certification, Sport game instructor certification, various referee certifications (Poomsae, sparring, Taekwondo for the disabled, etc.), and other sport-related certifications including sport massage, sport taping, sport chiropractic, scuba diving, maritime life-saving, judo, etc.

Key Subjects

Introduction to Taekwondo, History of Taekwondo, Basic Taekwondo Movement, Taekwondo Teaching, Taekwondo Poomsae, Taekwondo Program, Taekwondo Demonstration, Taekwondo Game Management, Taekwondo Match Sparring, Applied Taekwondo Movement, Taekwon Jump Inner Sparring, Introduction to Taekwondo Spirit, Taekwondo Judging, Taekwondo Institute Management, Taekwondo Training, Taekwondo Breaking Techniques, Self-defense Martial Arts, Training of Body Energy, etc.

Department Activities