Academic Program

Physical Education

Department of Physical education : We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports

Department Slogan

“We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports.”

Department Introduction

The Department of Physical Education was established to research sports science theories, to increase Korea’s national by improving the competitiveness of Korean athletes through specialized sports programs, and to cultivate qualified middle school and high school physical education teachers and sport leaders. All students of the department are talented sport athletes whose tuition, room and board are subsidized by government funding. Students not only learn sport theories and applications, but they also improve their athletic performance in one of the following 23 sport categories, archery, wrestling, badminton, boxing, skating (short track speed), shooting, swimming, cycling, weightlifting, judo, track and field (sprinting, mid/long distance races, jumping, throwing), gymnastics, Taekwondo, fencing, modern pentathlon, rowing, tennis, canoeing, field hockey, handball, bowling, golf, and skiing.

Careers after Graduation

Students will be fully prepared for careers in various fields of sports as professors, teachers, coaches, sports administrators, community sport leaders, sport managers, athlete trainers, and more.


Upon graduation, students earn official Sport Game Instructor, Community Sport Instructor, Athlete Trainer, or Clinical Exercise Instructor certification, as well as middle school teacher certification, etc.

Key Subjects

Theories and applications in specialized academic fields (e.g., Sport Sociology, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Sport Biomechanics, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Sport Philosophy, etc.); General sport practices (e.g., gymnastics, swimming, judo, athletics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, Taekwondo, aerobics, sport massage, golf, bowling, etc.); Specialized sport practice (one of given 23 sport categories).

Achievements in Major International Competitions

Number of National Team Members for the Last 3 Years

Club Activity

Club exists for each of the 23 sport categories available for specialization

10% of the students of the total entrance quota and national team members (no limitation on the number of people) will receive teacher certificates at the completion of the teaching profession courses.