About KNSU


The following regulations are established to improve the KNSU parking environment for a better campus image, improve traffic conditions on campus, and provide a better educational environment for students. We hope that visitors understand this and follow these rules. We allow vehicles with parking permits to be parked inside campus, but vehicles without parking permits should be parked inside a parking building. KNSU also complies with the public weekly car prohibition program and optional program. We hope that visitors also follow these regulations. We also run an inspection system at the front gate.

Parking Information

Drivers Eligible for Season Parking Permits

Weekly Prohibition Program and Optional Weekly Program

Weekly Prohibition Program and Optional Weekly Program
  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Regulated Exempt
Last Digit of Registration Number 1, 6 2, 7 3, 8 4, 9 5, 0 Public vehicles, vehicles of faculty members, instructors, students and regular visitors, construction and delivery vehicles, vehicles of tenants Compact cars, vehicles for the disabled, trucks, vans (commercial), vehicles of veterans, vehicles carrying pregnant women or infants
Optional Weekly Program Vehicles under weekly programs of local governments

Parking Violation

Violation of Weekly Prohibition Program and Weekly Optional Program

iolation of Parking Zone Regulation

Non-attachment of Season Parking Permit

Regulated Area: All parking lots on campus

Parking Rates

Parking Rates
Category Purchasers and Parking Rates Note
Purchasers Rate
1. Season Parking Permit Faculty and instructors 10,000
Undergraduate & Graduate Students 10,000 Park at parking building near front gate
Students of Lifetime Education Center 20,000
Temporary season ticket (staff of construction project, etc.) 30,000
2. Regular Ticket Regular vehicles
  • Free within 30 minutes
  • Over 30 Minutes
    • For the first 30 minutes: 1,500 won
    • After 30 minutes: 500 won per 10 minutes
      (Maximum of 35,000 won per day)

3. Free College vehicles Free
Visitor's vehicles on official events such as entrance, graduation and opening ceremonies or during application period (application, interview, practical test), construction vehicles and heavy equipment, maintenance service vehicles, delivery vehicles, mail trucks, vehicles for the disabled, vehicles for veterans Free Show certificates or confirmations of dept.
Honorary professors, emergency vehicles, public vehicles, waste management vehicles, other public vehicles (police, soldiers, etc), vehicles of reporters Free Show ID
4. Discount Vehicles of technical advisors on academic events, seminars and forums, constructor's vehicles, vehicles for Advanced Management Program alumni, vehicles of related organizations
  • Free within 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes~4 hours 1,000 won
  • 4 hours~8 hours 3,000 won
  • 8 hours~24 hours 4,000 won
Discounted rates applied
Delivery vehicles
  • Free within 30 minutes
  • For over 30 minutes
    • For the first 30 minutes: 1,500 won
    • After 30 minutes: 500 won per 10 minutes
      (Up to 15,000 won)