Academic Program

Sport Industry

Department of Dance Performing Arts : Life and sport become art through the power of dance!

Department Slogan

"Our difference makes us strong!  Let’s make a difference in the sport industry!"

Department Introduction

Department of Sport Industry progressed from the Department of Sport Leisure. It changed its name and curriculum in response to the demand of the rapidly growing field of the sport industry. This field requires professionals with special skills who can create added value through sport in line with the 4th industrial revolution. The Department’s vision is to develop future sport industry leaders with creative and convergent thinking who can propel them in the 4th industrial revolution era. The Department aims to do so by providing a curriculum that crosses the educational fields of sport management and industrial engineering. 

Careers after Graduation

After completing the undergraduate course, sports industry graduates can become sport facility managers, sport program managers, sport brand managers, sport event planners (operators), sport agents, sport data analysts, sport administrators, sports media content managers, and more.

Key Subjects

The curriculum includes subjects such as Sport Industry, Sport Economics, Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Sport Facility Management, Sport Event Planning, Sport Consumer Behavior, Sport Business Planning, Sport Industry Data Analyses, Sport New Media, Sport Promotion, and more. Additionally, a range of industrial engineering classes such as Computational Thinking, 3D Printing, Sport Programming Language, Sport Web*Mobile Program, Sport Industrial Design, Sport Industrial Engineering, and more are offered. 

Department History

Other Strengths of the Department