Academic Program

Sport Industry

Department of Dance Performing Arts : Life and sport become art through the power of dance!

Department Slogan

"Our difference makes us strong! Let’s shake the world up with leisure sport!"

Department Introduction

Department of Leisure Sport progressed from a night program (established in 1992) of the Department of Community Sport. It changed its name and curriculum later in response to the growing involvement of society in leisure sport as way to pursue well-being. Based on high standards, a differentiated and specialized program have been developed. Overall, the Leisure Sport Department develops sport instruction and academic teaching abilities, leisure sport program planning abilities, as well as managerial and marketing abilities required by the leisure sport industry.

Careers after Graduation

Graduates may work as sport-related public officials in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and regional municipalities, leisure sport facility managers, sport event planner and marketer, leisure and community sport instructors, recreation instructors, workplace sport instructors, exercise specialists, sport organization administrators, and more. They may also be qualified to work in higher education related to sports and in the sport media related fields.


Nationally-recognized Sport for All Instructor certification, Sport Game Instructor certification, Sport Manager certification, Leisure Sport Instructor certification, Sport instructor certification from branch organizations of the Korea Sports Council, Sport Massage certification, Exercise Specialist certification, First Aid certification, Life-saving certification, Recreation certification, and Children Sport Instructor certification, etc.

Key Subjects

Subjects include academic classes like Leisure Sport Theories, Leisure Sport Programs, Sport Marketing, Sport Facility Management, Sport Event Planning, Sport Management, Sport Consumer Behavior, Sport Leadership, Sport Education, Sport Sociology, Methods of Training, Sport Biomechanics, Physical Strength Enhancement Methods, etc. and a range of sport classes like Athletics, Tennis, Swimming, Golf, Bowling, Dance Sport, Aerobics, Skiing, etc.

Department History

Other Strengths of the Department