Academic Program

Sport Coaching

innovation leader

Department Slogan

“Innovation Leader”

Department Introduction

The Department of Sports Coaching comprises a total of 24 diverse sports disciplines, including kendo, basketball, billiards, dance sports, roller skating, bodybuilding, squash, sport climbing, equestrian, wushu, table tennis, sepaktakraw, and triathlon. With a student capacity of 30 per year, the department offers systematic and scientifically-driven education, along with practical field experiences, aiming to nurture sports science-focused coaching experts and world-class athletes. The department is dedicated to providing education aligned with the latest theories and trends in sports science, striving to produce skilled and professional sports coaches. Additionally, students acquire expertise in various sports, mastering technical skills and strategic knowledge, while gaining practical experience through participation in competitions to demonstrate exceptional athletic abilities in both domestic and international events. The department takes pride in emphasizing diversity and professionalism, and our mission is to support students in realizing their full potential. The Department of Sports Coaching is committed to producing highly esteemed athletes and coaches, both domestically and internationally.

Careers after Graduation

The Department of Sport Coaching fosters leaders in a diverse field of sports, graduates can specifically prospect for careers in the following fields: professional sport instructor, coach experts (physical, mental, and power analysis), professional sport administrator, sport competition association practitioner, and general sport related practitioner.

Key Subjects

Theories and applications in specialized academic fields (e.g., Sport Coaching, Kinesiology and Physical Education , Sport Coaching Ethics, Philosophy of Physical Education, Health Education, Control of Athletes and Team Management, etc.); General sport practices (e.g., track & fields, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, Tennis, sport massage, etc.)

Department History