Academic Program

Exercise Training for Health Care and Management

Department of Physical education : We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports

Department Slogan

“Leap with KNSU as health care takes flight!”

Department Introduction

The purpose of the Department of Health and Exercise Science is to cultivate professionals who can maintain and enhance the public's health in modern society by prescribing exercise programs suitable for individuals and by providing services related to stress management, nutrition, care of abnormal physical symptoms, and more

Careers after Graduation

Graduates will be qualified to become exercise test technologists, exercise specialists, health/fitness instructors, athlete trainers, personal trainers, and more.


Major related certificates include those for Sports for All Instructor (1, 2, 3 levels), Sport Game Instructor (2, 3 levels), Athlete Trainer, Clinical Trainer, Child Physical Exercise Instructor (1, 2, 3 levels), Yoga (1, 2, 3 levels), Pilates (1, 2, 3 levels), etc.

Key Subjects

Human Anatomy, Exercise Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Sport Medicine, Practice in Sport-specific Exercise Testing, Sport Nutrition, Exercise Prescriptions by Different Illnesses, Aging and Health, Sport Biomechanics, Cardiovascular System Disease, Therapeutic Exercise, Mental Health, Sport Massage, Golf, Electrocardiogram (ECG), etc.

Department History

Other Strengths of the Department

Students can learn theories that are difficult to acquire in ordinary physical education departments and combine what they've learned in their studies with on-the-job training in hospitals and sport clinics during school vacations. These experiences give students an advantage in finding work after graduation.