Academic Program

Youth Guidance and Sport Education

Department of Physical education : We challenge human limits as the platform for elite sports

Department Slogan

“We are changing the world with you.”

Department Introduction

Department of Youth Guidance and Sport Education cultivates professionals who can develop the full capacity of today's youths with their understanding and expert knowledge about youths. Along with Youth guidance education courses, students learn a range of sports that help them obtain such nationally acknowledged certifications as Youth Directors, Youth Counselors, Sports for All Instructors, Competition Instructors, etc.

Careers after Graduation

Graduates will be able to work as youth specialists in governmental and public youth training camps, youth groups and organizations, and governmental and public youth counseling facilities, or as community sport instructors. Also, Youth Director and Youth Counselor Certificate holders receive additional points in the police officer recruitment test.


Key Subjects

Youth Psychology and Counseling, Youth Activities, Youth Fostering System Theory, Youth Training Methods, Youth Welfare, Youth Culture, Youth Program Development and Assessment, Youth Problems and Protection, Sport Sociology, Sport Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Judo, Swimming, Sport Massage, etc.

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Department Activities

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