About KNSU

Welcoming Remarks

Thank you for visiting Korea National Sport University (KNSU), 

we sincerely welcome you.


Since our university's establishment, we have become Korea's leading professional sport institution by achieving outstanding performances in international competitions such as the Olympics and the Asian Games. 

Furthermore, we have been at the forefront of promoting sport culture to enhance the health and welfare of the nation, and we are continuously striving to evolve into a world-class advanced university.

Over the past 50 years, we have upheld inheriting our remarkable tradition, and we are planning for the next 100 years while adapting to changing environments. We aim to actively fulfill the role of the Korea National Sport University in changing the world through sport, based on principles and innovation, not only within Korea but also beyond its borders.

Sport is a significant field that influences health promotion, society integration, and cultural exchange. With those values, our university aims to promote the power of sport and maximize the social impact. Additionally, we aim to pioneer the future of sport through continuous research and innovation in sport convergence fields such as AI and big data, which are demanded in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Through these efforts, as a global advance university, we lead the convergence of sports and technology, advancing professional sport, and contributing to the health and welfare of the nation.

Korea National Sport University will prepare for the future and make every effort to change the world through sport. Once again thank you for vising KNSU, we sincerely welcome you and hope that you look forward to our future development and growth. Join us on our journey to create healthier and happier world though sport.

Thank you.

Korea National Sport University President [Moon Won-Jae]