About KNSU

Organizational Structure


  • Committees

  • Faculty

University Headquarters

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Academic Administration Team
  • Course Registration & Academic Records Team
  • Graduate Schools Team
  • Students Affairs Team
  • School Newspaper

Office of Planning & Cooperation

  • Planning and Evaluation Team
  • International Affairs & Cooperation Team

Office of General Affairs

  • General Affairs Team
  • Finance & Budget Team
  • Facility Maintenance Team
  • Mechanical Team
  • Electrical Team
  • Reserve Army Unit

Office of Training

  • Training Team
  • Physical Treatment & Health Clinic


College of Sport Science

  • Dept. of Physical Education

College of Lifetime Sport

  • Dept. of Community Sport
  • Dept. of Youth Guidance and Sport Education
  • Dept. of Dance
  • Dept. of Adapted Physical Education
  • Dept. of Taekwondo
  • Dept. of Leisure Sport
  • Dept. of Health and Exercise Science
  • Dept. of Sport and Healthy Aging

Division of Liberal Arts and Science

Graduate School

Graduate School

  • Dept. of Physical Education (Master)
  • Dept. of Physical Education (Ph.D)

Graduate School of Sports and Leisure Studies

  • Lifetime Sport Major (Master)
  • Health Management Major (Master)
  • Safety Management Major (Master)
  • Sport Communication Major (Master)
  • Sport Marketing Major (Master)
  • Taekwondo Major (Master)

Graduate School of Education

  • School Physical Education Major (Master)
  • Adapted Physical Education Major (Master)

Ancillary Facilities

Academic Information Center

  • Information Management Team (Library)
  • Information Service Team (Library)
  • Information System Management Team

Lifelong Education Center

  • Dept. of Community Education
  • Dept. of Lifetime Sport Leadership Training
  • Dept. of Competition Instructor Training

Student Dormitory

Center for Development of Teaching

Human Resource Development Center

Center for Development of Teaching & Learning

Research Institute

Research Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science

Other facilities

Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Academic Promotion & Scholarship Foundation