Academic Program

Graduate School of Education

Program Outline

  • Students learn theories and practices related to School Physical Education and learn to resolve various problems arising in sport classes.
  • Students gain technical knowledge and skills that enable them to more effectively manage sport classes at primary, middle, or high schools.

Educational Objectives

  • Students train to develop their mental and technical competencies to become highly effective physical education teachers.
  • Students gain in-depth understanding and knowledge of theories related to school physical education and develop new and creative teaching methods.


Courses on School Physical Education
Courses on School Physical Education
Curriculum Code Subject Credits
52022 Leisure and Recreation 2
53003 Training Methods 2
54002 Seminar in Physical Education 2
54012 Practicum in Sport Science 2
54014 Sport Center Management 2
54018 Health Education 2
51001 Physical Education Textbooks and Teaching Methods 2
51007 Life-long sport(Adult Fitness) 2
51009 Sport Marketing 2
51013 School Health Education 2
51015 Sport Facility Management 2
52002 Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education 2
52004 Measurement & Evaluation in Sport for All 2
52010 Sport Sociology 2
52014 Safety Education 2
52018 Sport Pedagogy 2